Green Flower Basket 2



This practical and beautiful garden flower basket is made with willows grown here in King’s Cliffe. This strong and durable basket will last for years. The long length and generous width make the basket great for harvesting flowers from your garden. It’s also perfect for carrying tools around the garden and for weeding. We use ours for drying herbs, beans and hazelnuts in the warmth of the house.

Woven using traditional English basketry techniques, the basket is based on the garden basket from Mary Butcher’s book, ‘Willow Work’ using weaves which create a strong and sturdy construction. It has slightly shorter sides than the garden basket. It has been woven using Green Dicks and Packing Twine willows grown organically here in King’s Cliffe just down the road from our workshop.

48cm long x 30cm wide x 26cm high (including handle)