Contemporary Baskets

Boulder Form 2 detail

Contemporary Baskets and Sculpture by Sue Kirk

Inspired by natural forms such as pebbles and boulders

My work is inspired by weighty natural forms such as pebbles and boulders and man-made forms especially large scale ceramic vases. I have been in awe of the work of Henry Moore and Barbara Hepworth since I studied at Bretton Hall and had access to The Yorkshire Sculpture Park . When weaving these baskets I feel as though I am building sculptural forms, i create curvaceous pieces with bulbous curved side walls. I blend coloured willows together in order to create a painterly finish. I enjoy using highly textured multi-strand weaves. Usually each basket informs the next one.

Recently i began working on a series of large scale sculptures for the exhibition 'Woven from the Field'.  The Boulder Forms are inspired by the way in which the natural elements erode huge rocks and boulders over millions of years. I wove the willow across the surface of the form to represent the journey the wind, sea and rain has repeatedly taken as it passed across the surface of the rock. The curving and bending willow rods enhance the form and create a feeling of fluidity and movement. 

If you would like to commission a contemporary basket or sculpture contact Sue to discuss. We are now shipping to the USA.


The Stratford Gallery, Broadway, Cotswolds

Black Creek Mercantile & Trading Co, Kingston, NY


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SUE KIRK-Tick Tock Weave Baskets
Fine Asymmetric 1
Boulder Form 4 (side view)
Boulder Form 4
Extra Large Curvaceous Asymmetrics
Boulder form 5
SUE KIRK Extra Large Curvaceous Asymmetric
Boulder Form 3
Contemporary Baskets for Houghton Hall , The Stables. Norfolk By Design 2019
Sue Kirk Boulder Forms
Inside the Boulder Form
Sue Kirk Close up Asymmetric
Boulder Form 5 detail
oval herringbone weave basket (2)
Boulder Form 2
bulbous herringbone weave basket
Pebbles 1-6
Sue Kirk Asymmetric baskets
DSC_0021 (2)
SUE KIRK-Red Tick Tock Weave Basket with Hazel Handle
SUE KIRK Red Oval Herringbone Weave Basket with Hazel Handle
Boulder Form 6 Sue Kirk
Sue Kirk 6
oval bulbous hazel handle
pebble sold
Large scale oval herringbone weave basket
pebble 3
pebble 2

The Stratford Gallery

We are delighted to be included in The Stratford Gallery's new exhibition 'The Sweetness of Spring'. This beautiful gallery is situated in the picturesque town of Broadway in the Cotswolds. This stunning exhibition runs until the end of May and features work by landscape painters Helen Ballardie and Anna King, plus carved oak by Martin and Dowling. As well as contemporary baskets, Sue has Boulder Forms and Rock Basin forms included in the exhibition. For more information go to the website