Extra large asymmetric basket with blue stripe and green handle 6


The asymmetric border which gives the effect of a long sloping curve was designed by Polish basketmaker Stanislaw Dziubak in 1997, so in basketry terms this is a modern technique. Many basketmakers are enjoying using this fabulous border. I have been experimenting with the technique for a couple of years, increasing the scale of the baskets, using fine willows on a large scale and adding coloured willows to the sides of the baskets to give a painterly surface.

On this large sized basket i wove with with warm coloured willows, adding the rods randomly to give a mottled effect. The handle has three green handle bows tied together and the additional side stakes give a long sweeping border.

The willow is grown organically here in King’s Cliffe.

Originally designed as a non-functional basket, some customers who buy these baskets do find a use for them. The handle is not designed to support heavy weights.

Dimensions:  H67cm x W58cm