Bulbous oval herringbone weave basket with hazel handle


Inspired by man made curves in large scale hand-built ceramic vases and the natural curves found in boulders  and the human body. I have been exploring this form for some time, each basket has different curves. I have been experimenting with this oval shape and enjoying stretching the length of the oval as much as i possibly can and then building the curvaceous side walls which give the basket a bulbous and voluptuous feel which i adore.

I love the bulky weave which is highly textured and gives the form solidity as well as a fluid surface. The colours of the willow also give a painterly effect. I have used Black Maul, Dark Dicks willows and Brittany Blue willows on this piece and the silver barked curvy hazel rod is from a local hazel coppice woodland just down the road.

44cm long x 24 cm wide x 30 cm high


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