Sue Kirk Willow Baskets Handmade Willow Sculptures and Structures for the Garden


Willow Sculptures

The sculptures are designed and built by Sue, using a mixture of Somerset and King’s Cliffe willow. The spheres are built around a locally made steel frame armature. Sue shapes and welds 6mm and 8mm mild steel round bar to construct the frameworks for her sculptures. The larger bird sculptures are fitted onto log stands so that they can be situated indoors. This armature gives strength to the sculpture and when the willow eventually disintegrates the armature can be covered again with willow.

Below are examples of Sue's contemporary sculptures which have been exhibited in sculpture gardens throughout the country. Contact Sue if you would like to discuss ideas for an outdoor site-specific sculpture.

Spheres and deer can be ordered in groups or herds or just as single items. If ordering in groups we recommend displaying odd numbers of sculptures.

To prolong the life of willow sculptures we advise spraying the willow with either teak or linseed oil on an annual basis. Sculptures last longer if they are covered or brought indoors during the winter months.

Prices do not include delivery. Single dragonflies can only be posted with a 1 metre hazel stick.

We are open to any design ideas or suggestions you may have, please contact us.

Trio Of Willow Spheres Trio Of Spheres

Three spheres with Openings. .75m , 1m and 1.25m diameter spheres, metal frame, Brittany Blue willow.
Willow Serpentine Pebbles Sculpture Serpentine Pebbles

Harrisons and Packing twine willow, metal frame.
Solid Willow Spheres Spheres in Field

0.50 metre diameter £275
0.75 metre diameter £350
1.00 metre diameter £450
1.25 metre diameter £500
1.50 metre diameter £600

Prices do not include delivery
Willow Spheres without Frames Small Spheres

Spheres made without metal framework. Prices start at £75.00 for 30cm diameter sphere.
Stag Willow Sculpture Stag

Stag (1m long x 1.5m tall) £280
Doe grazing (1m long x 90cm tall) £250
Doe walking (90cm long x 1m tall) £280
Doe head up (80cm long x 1.25m tall) £250

Prices do not include delivery
Goose Willow Sculpture Goose

Stands between 60 and 80cm tall £95.00
Egret Willow Sculpture Egret

120cm high £170.00
Bird Willow Sculptures Bird

45cm high £30.00
Dragonfly Willow Sculptures Dragonfly

Price includes postage and packaging. The dragonfly can only be posted with a 1m hazel stick £25.00